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Department Purchases
In The Computer Store
Did you know you can special order computer products with department purchase orders? We also accept purchases with the FLEX card as well. Send us an email at with a list of the products you have in mind, or swing by the computer department to chat us up, and we’ll see if we can create a quote for you.

A Few Things to Note
The maximum dollar amount for a Low Value Purchase Order is $2500.00.

Low Value Purchase Orders are charged prior to the ordering of product(s) from our vendors or distributors. If the LVPO is submitted by email, the receipt (blue carbon copy) will be sent to your department via campus mail.

Purchases over $2500.00 are considered High Value Purchase Orders and must be processed through the purchasing branch of UCSB Business Services. More information can be found at

High Value Purchase Orders are charged when all products associated with the purchase order have been received by the UCSB Bookstore.

While shipping & tracking information cannot be made directly accessible to our customers, our staff can always check on the status of your order. Give us a call or send us an email inquiring about your purchase order and we will check with the vendor or distributor to find an ETA on your order.

When your order has been received we will notify you that your order is available for pick-up at the UCSB Bookstore. Only individuals whose names are on the PO are eligible to pick up and sign off on the order. Either a photo I.D. or a copy of the PO or receipt will be required as proof of purchase.

Depending on our staff availability, we will deliver your purchase order to your department on campus. When we notify you that your order is ready for pick-up, please inquire as to when we may be available to deliver your purchase order.

Call us at (805) 893-3538 or send us an email