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Textbook FAQs
Please keep in mind that FULL REFUNDS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE THE FIRST FIVE DAYS OF THE QUARTER. PLEASE KEEP YOUR RECEIPT and do not break any shrink wrap. We do, however, periodically offer ‘Buybacks’ where you can sell your textbook back to the Campus Store at a portion of the purchase price. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see Buyback Information and locate the link to the latest price information for selling your textbook.

We cannot guarantee that you will receive a used textbook if that is your preference. If used textbooks are not available, we will substitute a new textbook on your order.

Textbook FAQs
If I drop my class, can I return my textbook?
You may return your textbook for a full refund the first 5 days of the term. ALL TEXTBOOK SALES ARE FINAL AFTER THE 5TH DAY OF THE TERM. Shrink wrapped items must not be opened. After that, you may participate in one of the ‘Buyback’ periods in which you may sell your book back to us a portion of the purchase price.

Why don’t I see my class listed?
You may not have a textbook assigned by your professor or the textbook is available somewhere besides the Campus Store. You can find out what books you need on your first day of class from your professor.

Why is the same book listed twice?
There can be a book being sold individually and a book packaged with an access code or another book. Read the descriptions carefully and select only one. If you aren’t sure which to pick, call the Textbook Department at 805-893-4097.

Is there a way to make sure I get used books?
Buying used textbooks can save you money, however we cannot guarantee used books will be available. We will give you used if we can, but we will give you a new book if a used one is not available. Another good way to save money is to rent textbooks.

Do you rent textbooks?
Yes, we do rent selected textbooks. Click here for details regarding our rental program.

Can you bill my BARC account?
We are not authorized to bill your BARC account.

What happens if some of the books I order are not in stock?
We will order any book not in stock. You will receive an email stating that you have a backorder. When the book comes in, we will email you that it is ready for pickup.

Buyback Information
Click here to access our Online Buyback Value Finder and register for email alerts to get more information
regarding the books you want to sell.

Buying price is based on need: if a book is going to be used the following quarter and we need copies, you will get 30-50% of the current new retail price. If the book is not needed for the next term, the used book wholesaler determines the price.

Buyback station in front of UCen during the first and last week of each quarter.

Daily buyback in the textbook department weeks 3-10 of each quarter.

Thank you for your business – we appreciate your support!