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Textbook Rental Program FAQs

How does it work?
You must have your student ID. A securing credit card is required. The credit card must have an expiration date greater than the rental due date for the current quarter. Books available to rent are identified by the yellow shelf tags which also show you the rental price. Take the book to the cashier upstairs and say you want to rent the book. You keep the book for the entire quarter and return it during finals week. Return deadline is printed on your receipt.

Where do I return my books?
During Finals Week there is a return location outside the Campus Store in front of the UCen.

Prior to Finals Week, you can return your rentals to the textbook department on the lower level of the Campus Store any time during regular business hours. You may ask a friend to return them (give your friend your perm number).

Can I highlight/write in rented books?
Yes, however EXCESSIVE writing or highlighting could render your book not returnable.

Are there other conditions I should be aware of?
Books that are water damaged or have torn covers cannot be returned.

What if I can’t remember which books I rented?
Save your receipt at time of purchase. The receipt indicates whether you rented or purchased a book. If you do not have your receipt, you can come to the textbook department or call us at 805-893-4159 and we can look up your account to determine which books you rented.

I forgot to return my rental book by the deadline. What happens?
We cannot accept rental returns after the deadline so the book now belongs to you. After the rental return deadline passes we will charge your credit card the full purchase price of the book minus the rental fee. If the charge to your card is not approved, a block will be placed on your BARC account.

What happens if my rental book is not accepted when I try to return it?
If your book is damaged and refused when you try to return it, you will have to pay the difference between the rental fee and the current purchase price (new or used depending on the condition of the book when you rented it). You take care of this transaction at the textbook department on the lower level of the Campus Store. If you fail to do this a block is placed on your BARC account.

What does a “block” on my BARC account mean?
You may be able to register for classes but could be dropped. You will not be able to get a diploma or transcripts.

How do I clear the block?
Come to the textbook department with a debit/credit card. We will give you a refund on the rental fee and charge you for the current retail price of the book. You do not need to bring the book because we have records in our database. You can also handle this on the phone by calling 805-893-4159. Once you have paid, we unblock your BARC account within 24 hours.

Thank you for your business – we appreciate your support!